Welcome to the official Terry Carolan website.  In addition to posting upcoming performances, new recordings, or other current events, this site includes pages about  the bands and others who have been part of Terry's long and ever evolving career.  Songs, histories, photos and credits for bands including Just Boys, Pinups, True Hearts and New Movies are here, as well as for Terry's many years as a solo artist and his recent move into... and out of, the respected and acclaimed pop-rock group, Blue Cartoon.

With a knack for hooks, a penchant for lyrics, and diverse songwriting, Terry has always sought to write songs as good as those who have inspired him.  Spend some time with the ever evolving history and songs from Terry and his many musical collaborators over the years.

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Coming Soon; Circus Of Mirth 

A little slower than planned, but also a much more ambitious project than originally planned.  Circus Of Mirth is an age appropriate, mature pop-rock album Heirs Of Fortune.  With final mixing in process, we're hoping for album release in late December or early January.

For aficionado's of this genre, the underlying influences from McCartney's "Band On The Run", Brian Wilson's "Pet Sounds",Todd Rundgren's "Something Anything", and a dash of ELO, Eric Carmen and Wondermints, this should be a satisfying adventure.

More on the story of this album coming soon!

New Recording: Goodbye My Friend 

Ralph Smith, founder and creative engine of Amnesia, has been a nearly life-long friend and a person who had significant influence in my early songwriting days.  Other than a bit of lyric collaboration on my song "Somethin's Right", Ralph and I never co-wrote anything.  For that matter neither of us have co-written much at all.  A couple of years ago I happened across an instrumental of Ralph's called "When The World Stops Turning".  I was immediately inspired  and loved the song.  Lyrics and melody started to surface for me, and with Ralph's approval, I wrote those for what is now known as "Goodbye My Friend".  I'm amazed that it took us about 44 years to co-write, even if we never actually exchanged ideas directly, and the writing of the music and lyric/melody were separated by at least a decade.

Equally significant is the fact that the song is lyrically about a person significant to both Ralph and myself;  Gary Littleton, who factored heavily in the endeavors of Amnesia and Just Boys, then later, Audities.  I don't typically like to reveal exactly what my lyrics are about, but it seems fitting in this case.

"Goodbye My Friend" is a melodic rock (some may say Pop) song that, to me, is akin to Emmitt Rhodes, old Todd Rundgren and Badfinger.  Judge for yourself.  The song will soon be available at the store on this site, which will in itself soon open!

Inbalance and River of Promises 

Intended for a single album release, this collection of songs was divided and released separately as two cassette EPs; Inbalance and River of Promises.  Both releases were used primarily as promotional albums in Carolans' pursuit of a recording contract.  Copies made their way to Europe and received more notice there than in the US.  At one point, three Belgian DJs had a song on their playlists.

Amid some possibility of a re-release in Europe, both EPs were remastered and included as one collection;  Inbalance and River of Promises - Remastered.  Look for this collection on this website.

Just Boys - Legends In Their Own Minds 

Just Boys enduring legacy has been the 1977 Counterfeit Records single, including Hook, Line and Sink Her, backed with Thanks A Lot.  Over the span of the nearly three years together, the group recorded nine songs.  All but the songs from the single remain unreleased.

During the past couple of years, Terry Carolan has compiled a memoir of the bands calamitous story, with coast to coast adventure.  A scathingly honest portrayal of a band that gave it all they had, looked like real contenders, then disintegrated into remarkable failure.

Plans to release the book, along with remastered versions of all nine Just Boys songs are underway.  Look for it online or on this website.