Back together with Scott McCarl

I was introduced to former Raspberries member, Scott McCarl, in 1997, and soon after, we recorded two songs for Scott's album; “Play On”.  I'm very happy to say that Scott and I will be recording again in September.  Aside from my general excitement, the highlight is that one of the songs we'll be recording is Scott's “Let Me Go Back Home”.  This song was intended for the Raspberries “Starting Over” album, but ultimately, not included.  I've loved the song since I first heard the demo in 1997, and I'm thrilled to finally be able to do a full recording of it with Scott.

This, and others we'll work on, are intended for an upcoming solo album from Mr. McCarl, and I can say this;  If you like pop-rock with roots and influences from the 70's, well, there are no bad songs from Scott!

The album is in the beginning stages, and currently un-named.  I'll post updates here.

Scott McCarl – Play On... (1997, CD) - Discogs

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