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When Just Boys dissolved in Los Angeles in 1978, Bobby Woodrich returned to Tampa and joined Straightjackets, while Terry Carolan stayed in LA for another year before moving to Houston to join The Pinups and later forming True Hearts. After True Hearts split, Terry persuaded Bobby to move to Houston, hoping to give Just Boys another try. In 1982 they made some half hearted attempts to put a group together, but ultimately Bobby joined Ric Tangle and the Squares and Terry went on to his second stint in The Pinups.

Both groups went on to build significant local and regional followings but ultimately 1984 found Bobby and Terry talking about teaming up again. After a few auditions they added drummer Brian Smith and moved ahead as a trio, forming New Movies. Rather than focus on booking live gigs, New Movies learned several of Carolan’s new original tunes and prepared to go into the studio. Once recording started the group agreed that they needed another member to fill out the sound and approached keyboard player/singer Ric Plunk about coming into the studio with them. What Terry and Bobby hoped was that Ric would be impressed with the band, the songs and the recordings and join the group. He was, and he did. With the addition of Ric, New Movies became a strong modern rock group with vocals being a central focus of their sound. The band finished recording “You Don’t Want Me”, “Honeymoon’s Over” and “New Frontiers” with the new lineup. The tunes turned out well, but were used for promotion only at that time.

Just as New Movies started performing, Brian Smith decided to leave the group and move to LA to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, well known session drummer Chuck Smith. New Movies temporarily performed with an affable chap named Mark on drums (unfortunately Mark’s last name is lost to history), but ultimately session drummer Robbie Parrish joined the group. In addition to his inventive drumming, Robbie brought his production skills to the group.

After rehearsals, New Movies returned to the studio and recorded four more tunes including Carolan’s “Japanese Car” and “Look Away”, Ric Plunk’s beautiful tune “Look At Your Face”, and a killer cover of the Grass Roots hit “Temptation Eyes”, featuring an outstanding lead vocal by Bobby Woodrich. With production input from Robbie Parrish, the finished product was a powerful collection of radio ready tunes.

Using the recent recordings for momentum, New Movies were starting to do live shows featuring the group’s impressive vocals. Among other things, the group began pre-production for a video for “Japanese Car”, but the group was to be short lived, and the video never to be. By the summer of 1986 differing opinions on direction and style started to develop within the group. In July of 1986 Terry Carolan relocated back to Los Angeles after eight years in Houston. Bobby (Robert) Woodrich, Ric Plunk and Robbie Parrish continued to work together in various projects over the next several years.

While none of the New Movies tunes were released, they certainly deserved to be. As a small effort to help these tunes see the light of day, several are available for listening here.

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