Out Now!!! Bruce Moody - Forever Fresh

Seems like all my music projects take longer than expected, and work on Bruce Moody's "Forever Fresh" album is no exception.  Bruce and I worked hard to bring twenty three songs, spanning seven years and seven different studios, together into a cohesive sounding album, but the time and effort payed off.  "Forever Fresh" is a power pop gem, highlighting Bruce's knack for up tempo, happy sounding songs.  I was fortunate enough to accompany Bruce on some of these songs over the years, along with a handful of other Houston (or ex-Houston) musicians.

"Forever Fresh" was originally planned as a vinyl release on the Wizard In Vinyl label in Japan.  That plan is still in the works, but to accelerate things a bit, Bruce and I decided to do a limited CD release on the Counterfeit Records label, with digital downloads available at all the typical outlets.  Check it out;




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