Welcome to the official Terry Carolan website.  In addition to posting upcoming performances, new recordings, or other current events, this site includes pages about  the bands and people who have been part of Terry's long and ever evolving career.  Songs, histories, photos and credits for bands including Just Boys, Pinups, True Hearts and New Movies are here, as well as for Terry's many years as a solo artist and his years with the respected and acclaimed pop-rock group, Blue Cartoon.

With a knack for hooks, a penchant for lyrics, and diverse songwriting, Terry has always sought to write songs as good as those who have inspired him.  Spend some time with the ever evolving history and songs from Terry and his many musical collaborators over the years.

What's goin' on...


2024 Re-recording

It took a lot of effort and frustration, but after forty four years I'm finally able to make the True Hearts song, “Everytime”, available.  This song has been far more problematic than any other, but I think it was worth the wait.  

Navigate here to read why.

Back together with Scott McCarl 

I was introduced to former Raspberries member, Scott McCarl, in 1997, and soon after, we recorded two songs for Scott's album; “Play On”.  I'm very happy to say that Scott and I will be recording again in September.  Aside from my general excitement, the highlight is that one of the songs we'll be recording is Scott's “Let Me Go Back Home”.  This song was intended for the Raspberries “Starting Over” album, but ultimately, not included.  I've loved the song since I first heard the demo in 1997, and I'm thrilled to finally be able to do a full recording of it with Scott.

This, and others we'll work on, are intended for an upcoming solo album from Mr. McCarl, and I can say this;  If you like pop-rock with roots and influences from the 70's, well, there are no bad songs from Scott!

The album is in the beginning stages, and currently un-named.  I'll post updates here.

Scott McCarl – Play On... (1997, CD) - Discogs

Upcoming: Just Boys included in Cherry Red Records compilation of "American Power Pop from the 70's" 

I'm really amazed (and thankful) that the first band that was centered around my songwriting; Just Boys, has endured through the decades!  However, I was almost shocked to hear from David Wells of UK based Grapefruit Records, a susidiary of reknowned Cherry Red Records.  David was curating songs for this 3CD "American Power Pop from the 70's" album, and wanted to include the Just Boys recording of “All In All”.  We had recorded this in a little four track studio, and while I always felt it was a decent song, I also felt it was a little (read as: “a lot”) lo-fi.  Considering that other artists on the album include Todd Rundgren, The Raspberries, Big Star, Flamin' Groovies, The Ramones, etc, I was very concerned about the audio quality, so I spent a couple of ear-aching days remastering the song.  I even did a new mix of an alternate Just Boys song to offer up as a substitute, but David was definite about using “All In All”.

If this album sounds interesting to you, keep an eye (and ear) open for it later this year.

Cherry Red Records | The Unmistakable Sound of Independence Since 1978

Melodic Rock Records reissues "Inbalance" and "River Of Promises" 

So far 2023 has brought some good, and unexpected, surprises!

In April I was contacted by Andrew McNeice, of Melodic Rock Records, based in Australia.  Andrew was interested in reissuing the two solo EP's from the late 80's that were my first efforts as a solo artist;  “Inbalance” and “River Of Promises”.  Along with the eight songs from those EP's, we included three other songs from that era that had never been released.  We also included 2023 remixes of the four songs from the original “Inbalance" EP.

Since the two EP's were VERY limited releases, this was a wonderful, and welcome, opportunity.

Terry Carolan – Inbalance (2023, CD) - Discogs

Three more TC albums are now FREE for digital downloads! 

In addition to making the downloaded version of "Flights Of Fancy" free, I've decided to make three other albums free to download!

"Circus Of Mirth", "Inbalance and River Of Promises, Remastered" and "Playfields Of The Mind" are now available for free download on the Counterfeit Productions Music Store page on this website.

Flights Of Fancy... is OUT! 

The new album, "Flights Of Fancy" was officially released on April 1st, 2022!  The digital version is available for FREE at the Counterfeit Productions Music Store on this website, and will soon be available on all major music outlets and streaming services.

There are a small amount of physical CDs available at $8.99, which includes packaging and shipping within the Continental US.  These are going fast, so if you're interested, get one while they're available.  IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE CONTINENTAL United States: Please send a message via this website regarding additional postage.

Coming Soon: Flights Of Fancy 

I'm proud to announce the upcoming release of my new album, "Flights Of Fancy", scheduled for April 1st, 2022.  While there will be a small amount of CDs for sale, I've decided to make digital downloads of the album FREE!! No, it's not an April Fools Day joke, every now and then, something really is free.

Look for the CDs and digital album in the Counterfeit Productions Music Store on this site.

Special thanks to Yulia Avgustinovich for the cover art.


Out Now: The World Keeps Turning 

2021 wasn't a great year for playing live, but it was a busy year for me in the studio.  I'm happy to announce the release of "The World Keeps Turning", the single from the soon to be released "Flights Of Fancy" album.  The single will be streaming from all typical outlets soon, and the video is out now!  Check it out here:

New Single: "Fade" 

The newest song from me is "Fade".  It was released as a digital single on February 5th, and on YouTube as a video on the 9th.  I was fortunate to have Bruce Moody, Randy Miller and Jon Stone join me for this recording.  It's a special song for me, and as such, I'm making it available for FREE download on the Counterfeit Productions Music Store page of this site.

Out Now!!! Bruce Moody - Forever Fresh 

Seems like all my music projects take longer than expected, and work on Bruce Moody's "Forever Fresh" album is no exception.  Bruce and I worked hard to bring twenty three songs, spanning seven years and seven different studios, together into a cohesive sounding album, but the time and effort payed off.  "Forever Fresh" is a power pop gem, highlighting Bruce's knack for up tempo, happy sounding songs.  I was fortunate enough to accompany Bruce on some of these songs over the years, along with a handful of other Houston (or ex-Houston) musicians.

"Forever Fresh" was originally planned as a vinyl release on the Wizard In Vinyl label in Japan.  That plan is still in the works, but to accelerate things a bit, Bruce and I decided to do a limited CD release on the Counterfeit Records label, with digital downloads available at all the typical outlets.  Check it out;