Welcome to the official Terry Carolan website.  In addition to posting upcoming performances, new recordings, or other current events, this site includes pages about  the bands and people who have been part of Terry's long and ever evolving career.  Songs, histories, photos and credits for bands including Just Boys, Pinups, True Hearts and New Movies are here, as well as for Terry's many years as a solo artist and his years with the respected and acclaimed pop-rock group, Blue Cartoon.

July 7th, 2017 was the release date for Circus Of Mirth, Terry's most recent effort with the band Heirs Of Fortune.  Read about the story behind the album and Heirs Of Fortune on the Circus Of Mirth page.

With a knack for hooks, a penchant for lyrics, and diverse songwriting, Terry has always sought to write songs as good as those who have inspired him.  Spend some time with the ever evolving history and songs from Terry and his many musical collaborators over the years.

What's goin' on...

Just Boys and True Hearts - Upcoming Release from Mean Bean Records 

I'm pleased to announce a very special, and extremely limited release;  Martin Tremblay, of Mean Bean Records, plans to package the 1977 Just Boys single, and the 1980 True Hearts EP together.  The discs are the original pressings that were recently discovered in my storage.  There will probably be no more than 50 of these packages.

Martin and I are trying to make this a truly special package, so included will be free download codes for the remastered versions of all nine Just Boys recordings.  Seven of these songs have never been released before.  As a bonus, my book, "Just Boys, Legends In Their Own Minds" will be included with the download.

But wait!!  Also included with the package will be a free download code for the complete True Hearts album that the four song EP was culled from.  This album was released on Kool Kat Records in 2013, but will be free with this package.

Stay tuned for a release date, but these may go very fast.  I'd suggest contacting Mean Mean for a pre-release order if you're interested.

Mean Bean is at:  https://meanbeanrecords.bigcartel.com/

Bruce Moody - Forever Fresh 

Back in the early 80's I'd spend some afternoons with fellow Beatles fan and recording kook, Bruce Moody.  We'd make song demos on his four-track deck using everything from cassette boxes, guitar cases and silverware to create sounds.  But at the same time, we were both in bands doing recording in real studios.  We both ended up with a basket full of unreleased recordings.

Fortunately, Bruce has been contracted by a small Japanese label to do an archival release of many of his recordings from that period.  Bruce and I have been working together again to remaster these songs and get some sonic cohesion for the album.  Look for his "Forever Fresh" album of twenty two pop-rock gems, to be released later this year.

Recent fun projects 

The last several months have seen a relocation, which also meant tearing down, and rebuilding, my studio.  But before, after and in between, I've squeezed in a few fun projects.  These have included going back to some older, unfinished recordings, producing a couple of songs for former band mates, and recording a couple of fun projects like a mashup of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" with "I Started A Joke", and a rendition of the traditional song "Shenandoah", which I've wanted to do for some time.  "Lucy/Joke" is available on YouTube (Local Harmony, Lucy/Joke) and "Shenandoah" will be there soon (Terry Carolan, Shenandoah).

Circus Of Mirth album - $2.99 until July 31, 2018 

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the release of Circus Of Mirth, the album will be on sale for the super low price of $2.99 for the whole album.  As a memorial album to my very good friend, Gary Littleton, I want people to remember him through these songs.  Ralph Smith, Robert Woodrich and I were all friends of Gary's and we all contributed to honor him in the format that was closest to his heart; music.

Circus Of Mirth has had great reviews and I've gotten humbling feedback on the album, and what it says.  Listen for yourself!

My life in music 

I have had to do many things in my life that I did't want to do, but with music, I'm so happy to be able to say that I have done what I loved, and loved what I have done.

Circus Of Mirth - Available Now! 


It's been nearly two years in the making, but the Circus Of Mirth album will be officially released on July 7th, 2017.

Terry Carolan and Robert Woodrich, formerly of Just Boys and New Movies, along with Ralph Smith and Robert Watkins, formerly of Amnesia, have united as Heirs Of Fortune to create this mainstream pop-rock album.  The four, all part of Tampa's mid Seventies music scene, united after decades to work on an album whose songs and lyrics reflect their shared experience with friend, fan, supported and benefactor, Gary Littleton.

If you like Paul McCartney, Badfinger, the Beach Boys and ELO... you may love this album!  Circus Of Mirth is lyrically mature, sophisticated pop, laced with melodies, choruses and rich harmonies.

Circus Of Mirth will be available as a digital download from CDBaby and most other digital services.  CDs are available from Kool Kat Music at: www.koolkatmusik.com

Navigate to the Circus Of Mirth page on this website for more info.  Download of the album also available at the Counterfeit Productions Music store on this website.


"Take everything for what it was worth... this circus of mirth"

Inbalance and River of Promises 

Intended for a single album release, this collection of songs was divided and released separately as two cassette EPs; Inbalance and River of Promises.  Both releases were used primarily as promotional albums in Carolans' pursuit of a recording contract.  Copies made their way to Europe and received more notice there than in the US.  At one point, three Belgian DJs had a song on their playlists.

Amid some possibility of a re-release in Europe, both EPs were remastered and included as one collection;  Inbalance and River of Promises - Remastered.  Look for this collection on this website.

Just Boys - Legends In Their Own Minds 

Just Boys enduring legacy has been the 1977 Counterfeit Records single, including Hook, Line and Sink Her, backed with Thanks A Lot.  Over the span of the nearly three years together, the group recorded nine songs.  All but the songs from the single remain unreleased.

During the past couple of years, Terry Carolan has compiled a memoir of the bands calamitous story, with coast to coast adventure.  A scathingly honest portrayal of a band that gave it all they had, looked like real contenders, then disintegrated into remarkable failure.

Plans to release the book, along with remastered versions of all nine Just Boys songs are underway.  Look for it online or on this website.